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//Constrain part 1

//Constrain part 2

//Constrain part 4

//Constrain part 5

//Constrain part 6

//Constrain part 8

//Constrain part 9

from pictures to sounds

Concentration, Correlation, Constellation, Rain.

Const.rain is an experiment with the possibilities of file extensions and the hearing of visuals. Those are the things behind the dot in a filename. With images people often use .jpg, .png or .gif. With audio .mp3, .wav, .oog and .flac are populair. There is however a filetype that does not nesasairly corosponds with a type of file. This is .RAW. Like the name implies, this is just the raw data of a file which means that a computer can interpet it both as images of as audio. This makes it possible to hear differences in imgages.

June 2016